A historic moment has occurred in a land known for it’s immense beauty and the Amazon earlier this month. Brazil’s equivalent to the FDA, Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) has removed cannabidiol, CBD, the nonpsychoactive component to cannabis, from their list of banned substances, marking the beginning of important changes going on in the world regarding cannabis’ standing as a potential treatment in epilepsy, amongst many other health issues.

We Ship Hemp CBD To Brazil

“A classification [that] was inadequate has been corrected. It sends a signal to search for society, for patients, for doctors, that that substance, it can not be considered a substance as harmful and without therapeutic effects as previously thought, “said Jaime Oliveira, president of ANVISA.

There are some restrictions early on in the process, however.

The Federal Council of Medicine decided by regulation, to allow the prescription of CBD  for children and adolescents suffering from seizures. This means that the substance that was once banned in Brazil can now be prescribed by psychiatrists, neurologists and neurosurgeons.

But the prescription should follow some rules:

• The prescription will be only for the treatment of epilepsy and seizures that do not respond to conventional medications.
• For children under 18 years. But who started treatment before this age, you can continue to do so.
• Doctors should make a specific register in CFM
• Those responsible for the patient should be informed of risks and benefits and sign a consent form.

In order for us to send our High CBD Hemp Oil products to Brazil, we will need to include with your package a copy of the attending physicians’ prescription for whom the product is intended for. Upon order completion, please email to us a copy of the prescription. Our email address is cbdgum@cbdgum.networkofhemp.com. You can also send it via fax to 855.422.3645.

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