Hemp can be used in many industries, to create parts of even the largest items. Plastics made from hemp are currently used in the building and automotive industries, but wider use could occur.

Plastic has been all over the news in recent years – with discarded plastic causing problems for wildlife and the rise of single-use plastic bags, cities and counties are moving to ban the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and other businesses. What if there’s another material that can take some of the plastic that is currently in use out of the public’s use? There is. It’s called hemp.

The Benefits of Hemp Plastic

Many hemp advocates are reporting that materials made from hemp are more durable and cleaner than materials that are created using traditional methods. Traditionally, plastic has been made from petroleum sources and a variety of chemicals, like Bisphenol A, which has been tied to cancer risk

Unlike normal plastic, hemp-based plastic is a biodegradable option. It is recyclable as well. There are multiple types of hemp plastic- industrial or even a hybrid of standard and hemp-based plastic. A combination of hemp fibers and plastic reduces the amount of chemically-based plastic material that is used commercially.

Products created from hemp plastic can withstand more pressure and is stronger than polypropylene plastic, without the health risks associated with the chemical and safety risks for certain plastics that contain glass and other chemical substances.

Versatility and Strength of Hemp Plastic

The strength of hemp plastic makes it an ideal material to use in multiple industries, especially with the environmentally-friendly nature of this bioplastic. Some industries are using hemp-based plastics in their products – like the automotive industry, the building industry and also in packaging.

Not all manufacturers are embracing hemp plastic as readily as advocates would like – traditional plastics can be much cheaper to produce than some of the stronger, biodegradable hemp plastic blends, and that can deter companies from embracing the use of hemp plastics, despite the environmental benefits and versatility of hemp plastic and the longevity of the items created from hemp plastic.

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