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CBD Per Serving Information

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Product Package Size Total CBD (mg) CBD/Serving Size Add to Cart
60 count - Arisitol Sugarless Mint CBD Lozenges
Arisi-Tol CBD
15-60 Lozenges 45-180 mg 3mg/Lozenge

$24.99$100.00Select options

Bluegrass Naturals E-Mist CBD Vaporizer Oil
Bluegrass Naturals
1 ml 50 mg 50mg/ml

$30.00Select options

CanChew CBD Gum
CanChew CBD Gum
8-96 Pieces 80-960 mg 10 mg/piece

$60.00$170.00Select options

Captain Amsterdam Kratom + CBD
Capt Am
Kratom + CBD Capsules
15 capsules 30 mg 2mg/capsule
Cibdex CBD Capsules
Cibdex CBD Capsules
10-30 Capsules 750 mg 25mg/serving
(1 Capsule, 1-2 times daily)
Original Cibdex CBD Drops 500mg
Cibdex CBD Drops
1 – 2 fl oz 100-500 mg 1.25 – 3.125 mg/serving
(2 Squirts, 1-3 times daily)

$30.00$120.00Select options

Java Joe's Jamaican Blue Mountain and House Blend CBD Coffee
Java Joe’s Jamaican Blue Mountain CBD Coffee
1/2 lb UNK UNK

$24.00$35.00Select options

Pan's Ink Terpene Blends
Pan’s Ink Terpene Blends
75-150 drops 0 0

$10.00$55.00Select options

Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Drops - .5 fl oz/100mg
Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Drops
0.5 – 1 fl oz 100-250 mg/bottle 1 mg/serving
(15 Drops)

$49.95$99.95Select options

How To Calculate CBD Per Gram Of CBD Oil

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to calculate the amount of CBD within 1 gram (weight) or 1 ml (volume) of CBD oil.

Each gram is made up of 1,000 milligrams. In this case, we will say that you are looking at a 20% CBD Oil.

This means that out of 1000 mg’s, 20%, or 0.2, of that is going to be CBD.

Multiply 1000 by 0.2, and you will get 200 mg’s of CBD per gram of 20% CBD oil.

The formula for this is 1000 * .[CBD%] = Your total CBD per gram.