Making your own CBD infused edibles can be a very rewarding project. As most of us know, the search for anything that is great tasting can be frustrating at best. And that is for non-medicated foods! Multiply that times 100, and you have the exact difficulty level to find great tasting, ready made edibles from your local dispensary or website.

Things are compounded even further for those of us who have food allergies, intolerances, dietary restrictions, or simply have a picky eater to deal with. For some, anything with gluten could mean a very painful experience. For others, nuts or eggs could be a serious issue. Others may prefer caramel over chocolate.

So who better to make your CBD infused edibles than YOU!?

Cannabinoids Work With Your Own ECS

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex signaling network within the human body that uses specialized compounds known ascannabinoids to control various bodily processes by interacting with different receptors and regulatory enzymes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is often referred to as a “phytocannabinoid.” Phytocannabinoids are plant derivatives that contain a number of diverse chemical compounds that can affect appetite, metabolism, pain sensation, inflammation, thermoregulation, vision, mood, and memory. It’s important to note that phytocannabinoids are any plant-derived product …read more

Source:: CBD Infused Edibles: How To Make Your Own

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