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Highland Pharms Golden CBD Dabs


Highland Pharms CBD Golden Dabs in a jar containing 1g of dab-able golden high CBD hemp oil extract, complete with hemp's full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids. Each dab consists of at least 30% or 50% CBD!


Product Description

Highland Pharms 50% CBD DabHighland Pharms Golden CBD Dabs are just that: a jar containing 1g of dab-able golden high CBD hemp oil extract, complete with hemp’s full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids. Each dab consists of at least 30% CBD!

The extract is all natural and color variations are normal.

This is NOT your average hemp oil extract like most brands. Oh, NO! It is 100% pure hemp oil extract with only grape seed oil having been added to give it its unique thick, but moist consistency and flavor. This is a true dab formulated specifically for bowls or wax chambers of vape pens. The consistency is a nice thick gel that has everyone who has tested it, raving about it! The taste is smooth and rich.

These CBD dabs are typically vaped, or smoked. However, some people use it as an ingestible CBD Hemp Extract while others have reported they use it topically.

The CBD wax comes in a jar that has a secure screw top designed for no leakage, and has a straight wall on the inside to allow you to get all the material out with your dab tool. The jar is air tight, when closed properly, and doesn’t leak. Their packaging is of the highest quality to match the quality of their products.

Highland Pharms Golden CBD Dabs, in 180 and 300 varieties, are definitely of the highest quality CBD Hemp Oil extracts you can find. As with all our products, it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, amino acids, B Vitamins, and much, much more. All of these natural compounds come together to give you a more well rounded effect, also known as the Entourage Effect.

This extract is not “only” CBD. And, since Highland Pharms extracts are not subjected to excessive heat nor mechanical pressing extraction processes, the naturally occurring CBD is maintained in a pristine state for you. Our customers appreciate the difference.

Find out why so many have put their trust in Highland Pharms and order a high quality CBD dab today!

CBD rich hemp extract

500Plus also contains organic glycerol monostearate

Take desired quantity of dabs and place into compatible vaporizer. Enjoy!