Charlotte's Web Everyday Dietary Supplement Olive Oil Drops

Charlotte’s Web™ Everyday Dietary Supplement – Olive Oil


Begin your daily wellness routine with Charlotte’s Web™ Everyday hemp extract. Promote mind and body wellness and counter daily stresses.


Product Description

Charlotte’s Web™ Everyday Dietary Supplement from CW Botanicals

CW Charlottes Web LogoAdd to your daily health routine. A great introduction to Charlotte’s Web™ proprietary hemp extracts. Add to your everyday healthy routine to promote mind and body wellness and counter daily stresses.

– Non-psychoactive
– Regulates the human endocannabinoid system
– Natural Colorado Wellness™ Grown and made in Colorado, USA.

Genuine Charlotte’s Web™ (CW Botanicals) Hemp Extract is infused into quality Olive Oil in this world renowned product. As a whole plant extract, CW Botanicals™ Hemp Extract in Olive Oil contains not only 1500 mg of CBD per bottle, but also incorporates other naturally occurring plant compounds, terpenes and phytochemicals found in our proprietary hemp strain, Charlotte’s Web™. Charlotte’s Web™ CBD MCT Oil Drops are the best choice when it comes to your health.

Hemp Extract, Olive Oil

Take one serving (1/4 tsp., or 1ml) one to four times daily, or as directed by your physician. 200mg bottle contains 6.7mg CBD per serving. 500mg bottle contains 16.7mg CBD per serving.

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